QR coded tour for Silver Jubilee highlights AUS’ progress

One of the 25 QR code-bearing locations, this one inside NAB (MCM PHOTO).

By Zain Basalat

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH — As part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations, the American University of Sharjah has organized a 25-location tour, marked by QR codes that when scanned provide more information about the place and its significance in the university’s history.

The QR code-based tour is just one of a series of festive, reflective, and scholarly activities commemorating 25 years of academic achievement, ground-breaking research, and positive community impact. 

According to a recent AUS email, the Silver Jubilee events will celebrate faculty, staff, students, alumni, and AUS business and community partners. The celebrations will run over a 12-month period.

Each of the 25 QR codes when scanned takes participants to a page where they can learn more about the location. 

AUS is launching this resource in time with the spring 2023 New Student Orientation so that the tour may be taken and more information about the campus can be learned by new students and their parents. The tour has now been finalized and the QR codes are in place across the campus.