With accent on harmony, club spreads Japanese culture on campus


By Maitha Salim

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH — Symbolized by the kanji (the Japanese character “和”) for “harmony,” the Japanese Cultural Club hopes to introduce students to various Japanese traditions and customs, its President Ranim Jarrar said Thursday.

According to Jarrar, the Japanese Cultural Club was revived on campus in Spring 2023. She added that the club was established to help spread Japanese culture and tradition throughout the university campus. Japanese culture, she and club Executive Assistant Mohammed Adnan noted, extends well beyond popular topics such as anime and manga.

Jarrar emphasized that Japan’s culture comprises a wide range of elements, including food, decorations, clothes, ethics, history, sports, natural landscapes, technology, and entertainment.

Jarrar said that the same kanji also represents the focus on teamwork and cooperation among its club members.

She said that the club intends to participate in additional future events to help spread Japanese culture efficiently around campus