EcoReps host sustainability event

Web Image: Piqsels

By Salma Atta

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s Sustainability office held its second EcoRep Meet and Greet on Feb. 10 on Google Meet, an hour-long virtual event which included live polling and discussion and activity sessions. 

AUS Sustainability’s EcoReps – Apoorva Dudani, Nada Ahmed, Bilal Mir, and Ishrag Abdalla – hosted the meeting in the presence of the AUS Sustainability Head Rose Armour. The members introduced themselves at the opening of the event and presented brief background about their work.

Afterward, they led a discussion concerning environmental matters such as sustainability and climate change. The hosts exchanged views with the participants on how different majors, such as journalism, are associated with sustainability. 

Dudani said, “For journalism courses, I think that there could be some focus on environmental reporting which aims to teach students some basic sustainability knowledge.” 

Moreover, Armour emphasized that journalists should bring social and environmental justice to light. 

Later on, the hosts polled participants about the limitations of being sustainable in their career goals. One participant wrote, “It costs more,” and another wrote, “Replacing oil and plastic will have some consequences.” 

As a part of the day’s agenda, the committee discussed their achievements, highlights of last semester, and plans for this semester. Eventually, the hosts concluded the event with the Pictionary game, and they awarded sustainability kits to the winners.