AUS Students Use Different Campus Venues to Prepare for Finals

AUS students prepare for their final examinations at the library.

By Shahd Ahmed

SHARJAH, UAE — American University of Sharjah students use different venues as they prepare for the Fall semester’s final exams this December. 

Some AUS students use the AUS library because of its capacity, the number of study rooms and presentation rooms that students can book. 

During the finals’ period, the university has extended the library’s operating hours to 12 a.m. instead of 10 p.m., to help students prepare for their exams.    

Elfatih Mahgoub, a junior student assistant at the library, said, “I’m glad they extended the hours since students can have more time to dedicate towards their studies. Although it is more work for me, I can still manage to study during my shift whenever I get the chance.” 

The university also provides study rooms located in the Chemistry Building. The glass rooms include chairs for students to sit and study. Unlike the library, students can only access the building until 11 p.m. without room bookings. 

“Study rooms in the Chemistry Building are less crowded, which really helps me block out the distractions and be productive,” said Youssef Ghoneim, a College of Engineering student at the AUS. 

The final examination period extends from Dec. 12 until Dec. 21.