ICC holds IPL for Indian cricket fans

Mumbai Indian team players and owners lift the Indian Premiere League champions trophy.

By Umar Jamshaid

Sharjah, UAE: Indian Cultural Club held an Indian Premier League cricket tournament on Nov. 27, at the American University of Sharjah, to help with final exams stress. 

Utkarsh Chauhan, the president, said, “Every Indian loves the original IPL tournament and we decided to replicate that idea because we miss IPL and students also need fun activities before the final exams.”

Sports Coordinator Nishant Iyer said that there were four teams that will battle their way out to victory. 

Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings in the final to win the tournament. 

Iyer said, “Rajasthan Royals was the best team on paper, but they lost the semi-finals against Chennai Super Kings.” 

President Chauhan said that almost 70 students applied to play in the cricket teams. 

Chauhan said, “We arranged for Biryani and Redbull for all the players to keep them energized.”

Chauhan said that the event was supposed to end on Nov. 27, but all the matches were a close call and took more than the allocated time. 

He added that they had to improvise and continue the tournament on Nov. 28 for the semi-finals and finals. 

According to Chauhan the event was a great success.